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TGuard32 - Excursion Monitoring system for FPSO, Tanker & Semi-Submersibles

This package has been written to provide an excursion monitoring package for single point moored tanker or other ship (eg EWT, FSO or FPSO) installations. Real-time attitude data is acquired from a Sercel (or similar), DGPS Gyro system and logged so that post analysis of the data can be carried out.

This package has been designed to provide a low-cost Excursion Monitoring package. The system interfaces to a DGPS gyro and reads the position and attitude data from the system. The data is then displayed and logged for future analysis. The position and attitude data is logged at every update. There is also the facility to enter the weather conditions in an on-going log. Data files are kept on the hard disc. Each new day these are backed-up to a connected storage drive and when successfully copied are deleted from the local hard disc.


The display provides the latest updates of all the information and a plan view of the FPSO/Tanker with a variable scale plus seabed features and excursion limits. Up to 8 load cells or other analogue devices can be connected to the system to provide tension, metocean or other information in varying conditions.

Several configurable alarms are provided to cover attitude and positioning situations :


  1. Loss of Differential corrections.

  2. Outside desired excursion limit.

  3. Load Cells exceeding limit.

  4. Weathervaning in excess of user defined limits.

  5. Bow Velocity and Amplitude out of user defined limits

  6. Yaw angle outside user defined limits.

  7. Offset Range exceeding user-defined limit in last 30 mins.

  8. Continual assessment of crack life based on analysis.

  9. Range/Tension comparison to assess strain on mooring system.


With each of these alarms there is a visual and audible warning. The alarm settings can be user adjusted via a password protected screen. Version 2 also includes dual DGPS input and a master/slave mode plus histograms for up to 3 hours worth of data can be displayed for selected data values. Version 2.3 includes crack life assessment, improved software dynamics, additional alarm for offset range over a 30 minute period plus filtering to reduce the effect of poor DGPS data.

Data files can be imported into EXCEL or other software which will accept Comma Separated Variable (CSV), files. The graphic screen can be dumped to the current Windows printer or to a data file for inclusion in a report.


Main Screen Mk III
COM Setup
Display mkiii
Alarm Settings
Active Offsets mkiii

Click the button here to download a PDF spec sheet for the product, for more information use the Support page.

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