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DiveMon - Dive Monitoring system and Video Recording for Inspection work.

The Diver Monitoring system has been produced to allow pressure sensors to be monitored on up to 8 channels simultaeously. All 8 channels are logged to disc when enabled and when a dive is in progress. The first two channels are assigned to the Entry Lock and the Main Lock of the decompression chamber with up to 6 additional channels assigned to divers or other pressure sensors. In addition the system can record up to 4 discreet video inputs (subject to options purchased) with video overlay is also provided which updates with date, time. client and project information. A video header can be configured for dive or project information and an option is also available to interface a data string which may contain Easting, Northing, CP, etc. 


The software program element is designed to operate on a touch screen PC or standard machine, a mouse and keyboard may be required for some initial setup such as entering names and positioning the monitoring graphs but general operation can be carried out on the display. Because the touchscreen has a resistive coating care should be taken that it is not scratched or damaged by abrasives and always use a proper sytlus on screen.


The system may use a Datascan 7220 or a Weeder interface to connect the PC to the 8 sensors which should be 4-20 mA sensors. The sensors are connected to the channels 1-8 using the "H" and "L" connections i.e. a differential connection. There is some configuration to be done in the "Setup " section to ensure zero values are correct and the span of the individual sensors are correctly set.
Video's are interfaced using dedicated cards in the PC and need to be specified at the build stage, some USB systems can be added on retrospectively but the software license will need to be configured for video recording.

A database of diver names can be created so that repeat dives can be simply selected, each channel can be enabled so that only the channels in use are displayed. Each dive is stored in a separate data file and should you lose power during a dive, the program will resume the dive once the computer is re-started.



A_D Setup
Diver1 Data
DiveMon Full
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