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Established, Proven Software Solutions

Ilex Computing Ltd. is an established software solution provider with many years experience of integrating real-time data acquisition and control systems to meet clients software requirements. Much of this work has been in the Offshore Oil & Gas Exploration and Construction market, more recently in systems automation for manufacturing, as such reliability and precision are particular requirements in safety critical situations. 


Richard started the business after many years working in the offshore Oil & Gas business, this has provided a wealth of practical knowledge and understanding when interpreting client requirements.


Cost Effective and On-Time solutions

Ilex is able to provide a range of Hydrographic software products from offline Geodetic Utilities to complete Hydrographic Survey and construction packages interfaced to an array of sensors such as DGPS, USBL, ROVs, Acoustic systems, Video Overlays, Gyros, Echosounders, etc.


We have off-the-shelf products such as HarbourMan software which simplifies Port and Harbour bathymetry survey, acquiring, editing and contouring in a single package. Other packages can be found on the Products page.


Most recent applications are Precis which allows pipeline engineers to optimise routing for pipelines and cables either at the planning stage or post-survey stage. Using the bathymetry and seabed feature imagery supplied as .SHP, .DXF, .TIF files the user can route, then import the relevant XYZ data to produce long and cross profiles.


Bespoke software development is provided and Ilex Computing Ltd. has a record of providing custom solutions to match client requirements, whether it be a database or real-time monitoring system.


ILEX Computing Ltd. was established in 1989 and focusses on the Offshore Oil & Gas and Renewables Industries
We specialise in real-time applications where accuracy and response are key application considerations. Our software is used in harsh offshore environments for critical operations in monitoring, inspection and diving operations. On-line acquisition through data processing and reporting provides our clients with appropriate KPI and management tools.
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