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ILEX has several of-the-shelf products related to Offshore Survey work, Diving and Inspection. 

We have recently completed development of and Anchor planning tool to assist Tow-masters in designing and configuring a mooring system for rigs, FPSOs etc. This uses a GIS background compatible with ESRI SHP files, provides import of XYZ data and computes catenaries for each line - more below.

Whilst LBL is quite niche, the planning of an LBL array can be complex allowing for acoustic pathways and ensuring beacons are optimally placed for the work to be undertaken. More on LBL Planner below.

FPSO and SBM monitoring has become more relevant in recent years due to several collisions between FPSO/Tanker and buoy, we provide our TGuard system to continuously monitor buoy and FPSO/Tanker positions and warn where tolerances are exceeded. We can provide both hardware and software.

A FREE EPSG Coordinate Calculator can be downloaded, this allows conversions of coordinates between two coordinate systems using the EPSG codes to reference the different CS (Coordinate System).

The following products are available off-the-shelf, customised versions can be provided to provide added functionality.


FPSO/Tanker/MODU mooring design

Anchor Planner, mooring design

The Anchor planning application is a powerful tool for computing, plotting, and exporting catenary calculations for mooring systems.

With the ability to import XYZ bathymetry data and use multiple buoys, the application provides accurate and detailed seabed profiles.


Users can also define obstructions as hazards and overlay different tensions for individual catenary plots.


Additionally, the vessel designer feature allows users to create accurate vessel shapes and offset points for CRP and fairleads. Mooring lines can be assigned to a fairlead, when the vessel position is moved e.g. from standoff to final location, all mooring lines are re-computed and catenaries plotted.


FPSO/Tanker Excursion Monitor​

FPSO/Tanker Position & Attitude Monitoring, this product provides detailed logging of a tanker or FPSO position is able to interface to 8 analogue channels to monitor mooring load cells, floating hose, wind and other analogue sensors.

This package has been designed to provide a low-cost Excursion Monitoring package. The system interfaces to a DGPS gyro and reads the position and attitude data from the system. The data is then displayed on the bridge and/or control room. The position and attitude data is logged at every update.


More recently we are producing compatible hardware packages and can supply CALM/SBM mooring position solutions.

Many system have been deployed globally, from Thailand, Tunisia, Philippines to the North Sea.

Offline processing to graph the logged data and assist in Root Cause Analysis in the event of a mooring failure

TGuard Excursion Monitoring for FPSO


LBL Network planning tool, optimise arrays

LBL array planning

This package developed by ILEX Computing Ltd. allows import of DTM/XYZ data to DROP acoustic LBL beacons/transponders over the DTM, check coverage of inspection/survey areas.Beacons can be moved to provide the best coverage by dragging with the mouse.


Baselines can be viewed graphically to show where in-water path between beacons may be compromised due to topography.


The package also includes Box-in and Network Adjustment routines to compute precise positions for individual beacons and adjust the network using observed baselines.


Graphic displays provide user information for dropping/moving/enabling beacons and seeing the impact on the network, and produce position reports.

Diver Monitoring

Diver Multi-Sensor Live Monitor
Diver Monitoring and Recording

The Diver Monitoring system allows underwater monitoring of diving operations. Pressure sensors to be monitored on up to 8 channels simultaeously. All 8 channels are logged when a dive commences.  Each channel has a graph providing visual indication of dive progress.

The system will also  record up to 4 discreet video inputs with individual video overlay providing data specific to the particular diver and input data from a connected survey system for video overlay.

Video headers are configured for dive or project information and an option is also
available to interface a data string which may contain Easting, Northing, CP, etc.

Snapshots and video is compressed and stored for easy review.


Suite of Survey & Geodetic Utilities

QCCalc Geodetic & Survey Utilities

QC-CalcGIS, is the most recent release of QCalc32 which has provided hundreds of Hydrographic Surveyors, Client Reps, Geophysicists and Engineering contractors with a set of reference tools to assist in project planning, management, Geodetic computations and QC for Offshore projects.

By incorporating a GIS library we are able to provide compatibility with Industry standard charting systems.

Import of GeoTIFF images, DGN, DXF or many other formats and multiple layers can provide background information on charts. Vessel shapes, line plans and target databases from the user defined elements of the program can be overlaid.

USBL Boxin, Velocity of Sound and Network adjustment routines are included for Acoustic projects.

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