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ILEX has several of-the-shelf products related to Offshore Survey work, Diving and Inspection plus a Certification and Planned Maintenence database (PETS).

A FREE EPSG Coordinate Calculator can be downloaded, this allows conversions of coordinates between two coordinate systems using the EPSG codes to reference the different CS (Coordinate System).


The following products are available off-the-shelf, customised versions can be provided to provide added functionality.


Suite of Survey & Geodetic Utilities

QC-CalcGIS, is the most recent release of QCalc32 which has provided many Hydrographic Surveyors, Client Reps, Geophysicists and Engineering contractors with a set of reference tools to assist in project planning, management, Geodtic computations and QC.


By incorporating a GIS library we are able to provide a large choice of import file formats.


Import of GeoTIFF images, DGN, DXF or many other formats and multiple layers can provide background information on charts. Vessel shapes, line plans and target databases from the user defined elements of the program can be overlaid.


Boxin, Velocity of Sound and Network adjustment routines are included for Acoustic projects.

Diver Monitoring

Diver Multi-Sensor Live Monitor

The Diver Monitoring system allows pressure sensors to be monitored on up to 8 channels simultaeously. All 8 channels are logged to disc when enabled and when a dive is in progress.  Each channel has a graph providing visual indication of dive progress.


The system can record up to 4 discreet video inputs with individual video overlay providing data specific to that diver and data from a connected survey system.


Video headers are configured for dive or project information and an option is also
available to interface a data string which may contain Easting, Northing, CP, etc.


Snapshots and video is compressed and stored for easy review.


FPSO/Tanker Excursion Monitor​

FPSO/Tanker Position & Attitude Monitoring, this product provides detailed logging of tanker or FPSO position and can interface with up to 8 analogue channels for mooring load monitoring, floating hose, wind and other sensors.


This package has been designed to provide a low-cost Excursion Monitoring package. The system interfaces to a DGPS gyro and reads the position and attitude data from the system. The data is then displayed and logged for future analysis. The position and
attitude data is logged at every update. There is a facility to enter weather conditions in an daily log to allow cross reference when analysing movement in relation to prevailing weather conditions.


Offline processing to graph the logged data and assist in Root Cause Analysis in the event of a mooring failure

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