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40+ years providing survey solutions

From HP9810 'computers' in 1974 through PSION Organisers, HP9830 and current high end PC's running Wndows 11 we have provided bespoke offshore applications to the industry.

Typical Projects

Ilex Computing Ltd. is an established software solution provider providing real-time data acquisition, control systems, database and bespoke client defined software solutions.

Much of this work has been in the Offshore Oil & Gas Exploration, Construction and Renewabales industries.

Certfication and Planned Maintenence database developments including our PETS database product for project specific equipment management

Client Base

Some of our clients ...

  • Intrepid Hydrographic Ltd.

  • JEE Ltd.

  • Nord Stream

  • Applied Acoustics Engineering

  • Marine Offshore Designers

  • James Fisher (M&DS)

  • Red7 Marine

  • GAS Survey SRL

  • Maersk Olie og Gas

  • FUGRO Survey

  • XODUS Engineering

  • Sellafield - Seascale

  • Ocean Certification 

Product Line

Our current off-the-shelf produts are ...


  • QCCalc - Survey & Offshore Utilities

  • PETS - PMS & Certification database

  • DiveMon - Diver system monitor and video recording system IMCA DO23.

  • Precis - Offshore Pipeline and Cable Route planning and assessment

  • TGuard - Excursion monitor for FPSO, Semi-Subs and Tankers

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

At ILEX we work with our clients to achieve the optimal workflow supported by appropriate IT systems. This may be a cloud based system for remote access or a server based office system. 


Typically we are able to supply a fixed price quotation allowing clients to fix their budgets, ongoing maintenence contracts for support can then be placed.

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