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PETS - Project Equipment Tracking and System Maintenance

The PETS system is designed to coordinate planned maintenance, certification and reporting for project based equipment, most of the current users for this system are commercial diving companies where quick access to detailed information is crucial, particularly in the safety conscious environment. 


The system is PC based and written in Delphi using an SQL server back-end, this provides focused data input forms utilising a stable & powerful standardised database system. The SQL database can be hosted on your office based server, through a VPN, or hosted in the Cloud for remote access.


A separate remote package provides a mini system specifically for that project enabling easy access to certification and maintenance records on the job site, field testing can be carried out an the main database updated.


One of the design objectives of the package was to enable much faster collation of certification and maintenance documents at the start of a  complex project. This was achieved by ensuring ALL documentation was available electronically, this being certification, maintenance check sheets, inspection matrices or operation manuals. 


A typical paper based system involves photo-copying hundreds of paper documents at the start of a project and compiling them into large binders for reference. With PETS a CD is created containing electronic versions of all the certificates and maintenance documents, a cut-down remote version of the database, containing only the specific project, can be searched and reports printed on site, providing fast access to mission critical data. The timeframe for collating the relevant paperwork for a project was reduced from approx 1 week to a couple of hours.


Each user has a unique log in and the administrator can assign different permission levels to each user, this may be read-only through to full editing rights depending on the assigned users function.


Service schedules can be entered for all the equipment, these are categorised by model and description so that on the parts page when an item is selected, the relevant manuals and service schedules are made availableto the user electronically.


PETS Remote...

Once a project is compiled on the network system in the office, a CD version of the project equipment, manifest, certs etc. can be produced. This is a cut down version of the main database and contains ONLY the data, certs, manuals etc. that relate to the dispatch note/project on the CD.


Our latest development is to host the database in the Cloud to allow remote access when in the field through a Windows based tablet or PC.


ILEX Computing Ltd. was established in 1989 and focusses on the Offshore Oil & Gas and Renewables Industries
We specialise in real-time applications where accuracy and response are key application considerations. Our software is used in harsh offshore environments for critical operations in monitoring, inspection and diving operations. On-line acquisition through data processing and reporting provides our clients with appropriate KPI and management tools.
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